Benefits of Ayurveda

Benefits of ayurveda are many in fact Ayurveda is a science of healthcare and is managed only by an Ayurveda Doctor. It encompasses every minute detail of your lifestyle. This science works more towards, “(Holistic) Health” and so addresses every detail which would help the cause.

We are all, part of the nature. As sun rises there are certain consequential events on earth. There is rise of energy and lots of activity around. As the sun sets, nature slows down in it’s activity and darkness leads to a complete calm and quietness in the nature.

This is nature’s cycle. It goes and runs in the same way year over year for many years. We as human beings are part and parcel of nature. This cycle has its influence on human body too. Human beings also go through a certain body cycle throughout the day. In the morning after being awake, our energy levels are high and fresh. Mind is high on uptake and it is alert.

So a simple rule is if we follow, nature’s cycle health is an obvious outcome of it. If we try to alter the body clock, the connection between nature and body gets disturbed and that leads to “un-health” and then question arise – How to be connected with Nature’s cycle? answer is simple – Ayurveda is way to it!

Benefits of Ayurveda

This medical science, being very closely connected to nature, gives a roadmap to connect our body cycle to nature’s cycle.
Right from getting up early in the morning (Bramha-muhurta) it gets tuned our body to nature. Deencharya (daily routine) is the regime to be followed throughout the day, which includes very simple but important information about your wake up, warm up, eating, exercise, work schedule and rest too. It also denotes about the care of vital organs like eyes, nose etc. on daily basis.
This is all nothing but your Lifestyle Management”!

Benefits of Ayurveda
Benefits of Ayurveda

But in todays era, work pattern has changed. Multi tasking in the daily routine has increased. Travelling is involved in the daily routine work too. This all, in turn has changed the personal, social, financial aspects of everybody’s lifestyle. The stresses created due to this, leads to many physical disorders.

The factors like pollution from air, water, adulterations in food has also its own contribution in the damage to health.

Exposure to different media from phone to internet has its own explosions of wanted/unwanted, knowledge to brain, mind and souls of humans. It also takes its toll on vital organs like eyes, ears etc.

This all contributes to different disorders and imbalance of the body and mind.
Health = Physical Fitness + Mental Fitness
when it gets disturbed at any level, disease entres. Ayurveda is a science, which treats these disorders and balances the equilibrium of Physical and Mental health.

There are many other chronic diseases like skin disease, psoriasis, cold and cough etc we treat all using ayurveda practices.

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