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3 decades of pure ayurveda service
Dr Sarita Vaidya is one of the best Ayurveda Doctor from Pune India
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Dr Sarita Vaidya is one of the best Ayurveda Doctor from Pune India
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We are celebrating 29 years of service, We extend our heartfelt thanks for your continuous support and trust. 🙏🎉.

Ayurveda Doctor

Ayurveda is a science of healthcare and is managed only by an Ayurveda Doctor. It encompasses every minute detail of your lifestyle. This science works more towards,
“(Holistic) Health” and so addresses every detail which would help the cause.

We are all, part of the nature. As sun rises there are certain consequential events on earth. There is rise of energy and lots of activity around. As the sun sets, nature slows down in it’s activity and darkness leads to a complete calm and quietness in the nature.

Ayurveda Doctor

Ayurveda Doctor Pune India

Ayurveda Doctor Pune India
Ayurveda Doctor Pune India

Doctor Sarita Vaidya

Ayurveda Doctor, Dr. Sarita Vaidya (M. D. Ayurveda), is the recipient of ‘Vagbhat Grantha Puraskar’ by the International Ayurveda Association Pune India. She is the founder of Ojas Ayurvedic Center.

She is probably the best Ayurvedic Doctor in Pune having more than 28 years of pure Ayurvedic Treatment and Medicines Practice Experience.

Dr. Sarita Vaidya is the founder of Ojas Ayurvedic Centre. She passed B.A.M.S. with honors from Pune University and completed her M.D. in Medicine (kayachikitsa) in 1993.

Ayurveda cannot be learned from books alone. It is a science which is passed from one expert to another in a Guru-Shishya parampara. Dr. Vaidya has worked with senior ayurved experts as well. She has extensively studied the human psychology, which is the root cause of many a psycho-somatic illnesses.

Ojas - Ambrosia Naturals Product Range

Ayurveda Doctor Pune Mumbai India

Dr Sarita Vaidya

Dr. Sarita Vaidya believes that medicines cannot cure a patient in isolation. She treats patients after in-depth understanding of history and one-on-one counseling. For more details about Dr.Sarita Vaidya Click here

World Class Facilities

Located at the center of the Pune City in India, Ojas clinic is fully equipped with the modern setup to treat you with utmost care and quality products, additionally all our products are manufactured by us only by selecting quality ingredients only
If you require, you can also avail online treatment.

Felicitation on the occasion of Women's International day as a independent Stree Dr. Sarita Vaidya

Own Organic Health Care Products and Medicines 100%
27 years Pure Ayurveda Practice 100%
Dedicated Panchakarma Theatre 100%
6 dedicated online sites presence 100%

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Ojas Ayurved offers you the best of Ayurvedic Treatments and medicinal massages at their wellbeing center. A vast experienced doctor and therapists ensure the highest levels in the quality of treatment and medicinal preparations.

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